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  1. Home
    1. 404: Page or File Not Found
    2. Old news from the Pleasant Companion
    3. The Pleasant Companion: Site Map
  2. About
    1. The Flageolet Site: Aims
    2. The Flageolet Site: Contact Details
    3. About the website
    4. The Flageolet Site: Licensing
    5. List of Flageolets Belonging to Jacob Gifford Head
    6. The Flageolet Site: Technical Information
  3. Articles
    1. Airs of Haut-ton: At Home
    2. The Flageolet Part in “The Sorcerer”—A Guide
    3. Double Flageolets before Bainbridge
    4. Comparisons between French flageolet and other Fipple Flutes
    5. A Flageolet Glossary
    6. The Neglected Flageolet—Frances Jane Crosby
    7. “Le Flageolet” from I’Illustration in 1902
    8. Flageolet-related Crimes
    9. On Flageolets—John Parry
    10. The Flageolet in Pepys’ Diary
    11. The Flageolet in Pepys’ Diary (Full Entries)
    12. The Flageolet—C.H.W.
  4. Articles — Bainbridge
    1. 35 Holborn Hill: Bainbridge’s Workshop
    2. William Bainbridge’s Adverts
    3. Bainbridge v Briggs
    4. Bainbridge v Unknown
    5. Bainbridge v Wigley
    6. William Bainbridge’s Will
  5. Articles — Introduction
    1. The Double Flageolet: An Introduction
    2. The English Flageolet: An Introduction
    3. The French Flageolet: An Introduction
  6. Biographies
    1. William Bainbridge
    2. Frédéric Bonnisseau, Flageolet player
    3. Hubert Collinet, Flageolet player
    4. Claude Duval (Du Val, Duvall or Duvail)
    5. Edmé Collinet, Flageolet player
    6. Thomas Greeting
    7. John Parry
    8. Samuel Pepys
    9. Jean-Pierre Freillon-Poncein
    10. Robert Louis Stevenson
  7. Buying
    1. Buying an Antique Flageolet
    2. Buying a New Flageolet
    3. Reviews of Metal Flageolets by Bingamon and O'Brien
  8. Fingering
    1. English Flageolet Fingering Charts
    2. French Flageolet Fingering Charts
  9. Images
    1. Links
      1. Flageolet Bibliography
      2. Flageolet Discography
      3. Flageolet Sheet Music by Other Publishers
    2. Music
      1. Divertimento for the Double Flageolet by John Parry
      2. Vaudeville for the Flageolets by Mersenne
    3. Music — Listen
      1. Music — 20airs
        1. Music — Nationalmelodies
          1. Music — Methodcomplete
            1. Music — Bainbridgepreceptor
              1. Sources
                1. Tutors
                  1. Bainbridge and Wood’s “Preceptor for the Flute Flageolet’
                  2. Bate’s “Preceptor for the Flageolet”
                  3. tutors/bullsrailway.php
                  4. Cavanagh’s “Complete Flageolet Preceptor”
                  5. Collinet’s “Hand-Book for the Flageolet”
                  6. Egan’s Single and Double Flageolet Preceptor
                  7. Freillon-Poncein's La Veritable Maniere
                  8. Greeting’s The Pleasant Companion
                  9. William Hill’s “Bird Fancyer’s Delight”

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