Technical Information

This website has been through various versions. It was originally hand-written HTML but is now mostly generated from PHP scripts.

In 2015, I tried to rework it into HTML5 with CSS3. Previously, it was XHTML, HTML 4 strict and HTML 4 transitional. I am not a fan of either cookies or javascript and only a very small amount of the latter is used (on the interactive Fingering Charts).

Although the code is (hopefully) valid HTML and CSS, and the site should also conform to the highest levels of accessibility, to view it successfully, you will require a browser that can successfully display the following Unicode characters:

En Dash
Em Dash
Right Arrow
Up Arrow
Solid Square
Half–Solid Square
Empty Circle
Two Empty Circles

If anything does not work or is not accessible to you, please contact me.

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Comments, suggestions and corrections are always welcome. Please use the form to add some! To avoid spam, all comments are moderated before being displayed so there may be a delay before they appear on the site.

If you are asking a question, please note that there is no way of automatically notifying you when I have answered. Therefore, please either keep checking the page for my reply or send me a message, privately.

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