Articles about Flageolets

This website contains two types of articles: historic ones which I have made available online as a reference to those who are interested in these instruments; and modern articles about the instruments. Included in the historic articles are a number of flageolet tutors which are of particular interest for their instructions, fingering charts and music.

Historic Poems, Articles and Other Documents

Historic Articles

  1. “On Flageolets”: an article originally published by John Parry in 1830 which is perhaps the most important source of information about the invention of the double flageolet.
  2. “Le Flageolet”: a satirical article published in the French magazine “L’Illustration” in 1902 to accompany an engraving of a pastel by Georges Charlet (original French and English translation).


  1. “The Neglected Flageolet”: a poem, published in 1851, by Frances Jane Crosby
  2. “The Flageolet”: a poem, published in 1833, by “C.H.W.”
  3. “Airs of Haut-ton, At Home”: a poem, published in 1840, by Thomas Haynes Bayly, which mentions the virtuoso Collinet

Law Reports and Discussion

  1. Bainbridge v Wigley is a report and modern discussion of the case of Bainbridge v Wigley (1810) 1 Carp Pat Cas 270.
  2. Bainbridge v Unknown is a light-hearted report of a case involving Bainbridge from 1817.
  3. Bainbridge v Briggs is a report and modern discussion of the case of Reg. Lib. A. 1814. fol. 1536.

Other Documents

  1. William Bainbridge’s Will: transcribed and edited.
  2. Historic tutors are listed on a separate page.

Modern Articles

  1. “The Flageolet in Pepys' Diary” gives excerpts from the famous diary relating to the flageolet.
  2. Flageolet-related Crimes is a quick survey of Old Bailey cases involving flageolets from 1722 to 1890.
  3. A Guide to the Flageolet Part in Gilbert & Sullivan’s “The Socerer” is aimed at helping actors to play the flageolet part in this work on-stage.
  4. Some thoughts on comparing the French flageolet to other instruments.


  1. General Introduction to the flageolet family.
  2. An introduction to the French flageolet.
  3. An introduction to the English flageolet.
  4. An introduction to the double flageolet.

Biographies and articles about buying a flageolet are listed separately.

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