Jean-Pierre Freillon-Poncein

French oboe player active in the Dauphinè region of France around 1700. He is mostly remembered for his treatise on instrumental playing La veritable maniere d'apprendre a jouer en perfection du hautbois, de la flute et du flageolet, avec les principes de la musique pour la voix et pour toutes sortes d'instrumens., which was published in Paris in 1700. The treatise is mostly devoted to oboe playing and has become important in musicological circles because of Freillon-Poncein's discussion of the ornamentation and the articulation of phrases. The French flageolet receives little attention beyond the fingering chart. However, this is an important document at is shows that the fingering for the French flageolet remained fairly constant from 1700 until the last instruments were made in the late 19th Century.

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