The Neglected Flageolet—Frances Jane Crosby

This short poem about was published in 1851 in “Monterey and Other Poems“. The author was Frances Jane Crosby who was described as a pupil at the New York Institution for the Blind.

O let it silent still remain,
 And my unguarded wish forget;
I know its tones would give thee pain,
 Then lay aside the flageolet.

Oft hast thou heard when all was still,
 Its pensive carol o’er and o’er;
But now thou could’st not bear its thrill,
 For he who woke it is no more.

The eye is dim, that voice is hushed,
 No more thy well-known step he hears;
Each welcome from those lips that gushed,
 His memory to thy soul endears.

I would not wring thy aching heart,
 With e’en one pang of keen regret;
And yet how thoughtless my request—
 Then lay aside the flageolet.

The lapse of years perchance may heal
 The anguish of a broken heart;
The fountain of its grief may seal,
 And scalding tears may cease to start.

Yet touch some dear one’s favorite air,
 Whose image we can ne‘er forget ;
The wounded bosom bleeds again—
 Then lay aside the flageolet.

—Frances Jane Crosby

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