Before you visit and links to other websites, you might also like to see information about books and recorded music which relate to flageolets.

General Information:

There are very few websites about flageolets.

Philippe Perlot runs the only other website I have found devoted just to the flageolet.
This site has four pictures, apparently the same as those in Sterling Illustrated Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments:
“Iconographie de la cornemuse inventaire des representations conservees en France” contains two pages (in French) on the Flageolet, with a very useful facsimile of two pages of Meissonnier’s “Méthod pour le flageolet”:,
The definitive Tin Whistle Site:
“Elstub” has uploaded the plates from Carse’s Musical Wind Instruments which includes several flageolets:

Flageolet stockists:


Philippe Bolton
Guido M. Klemisch


Jean Michel Renard:
Early Music Shop (see “Antique Instruments” under “Used Instrument Agency”):
Pamela’s Music:
Vintage Instruments:
Hobgoblin (see “Used Instruments”):
Tony Bingham:




The Dayton Miller Flute Collection is the largest on-line collection of flageolets. Its website is worth exploring at length:
The Edinburgh University Collection of Historical Musical Instruments contains a good selection of pictures of Flageolets:
The Bate Collection in the Ashmolean has several likewise:
Ditto the Eddy Collection at Duke:
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:
The Castle Museum York also has a few instruments:

Other Musical Sites:

Oddmusic is a site devoted to experimental and otherwise unusual music and musical instruments:
A good set of links to early music sites.

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