Historical and Modern Flageolet Tutors

One of the major aims for The Pleasant Companion is to publish many of the historical tutors for different sorts of flageolets. Out of copyright they can be legally reproduced yet many of them languish in private collections, unviewable and thus unavailable to all but those who can afford the high prices for which they are exchanged.

This project is very much a ‘work in progress’ and the amount transcribed of each tutor can vary. In general, I have concentrated on reproducing the text and fingering charts which specifically refers to flageolets, leaving out passages which concern the basic principles of music. Unfortunately, a lack of time means that few passages of music have been reproduced but this will be eventually addressed.

Tutors for Several Different Flageolets

  1. The English and French Flageolet Preceptor by William Bainbridge
  2. The Single and Double Flageolet Preceptor published c.1820 by F. Egan
  3. Complete Flageolet Preceptor published c. 1840 by G. Cavangh
  4. Tutors for the French Flageolet

  5. Méthod Complète published c.1810 by Jules Gard
  6. The Pleasant Companion published 1668 by Thomas Greeting
  7. La Veritable Maniere... published 1700 by Jean-Pierre Freillon-Poncein
  8. Hand-Book for the Flageolet published c. 1880 by Collinet

Tutors For English Flageolets

  1. Complete Preceptor for the Flageolet published c.1840 by T. C. Bate
  2. Railway to Music for the Improved Flageolet published c. 1845 by T. Bull

Tutors for the Flute Flageolet

  1. Preceptor for the Flute Flageolet published between 1808 and 1812 by William Bainbridge and John Wood

Tutors for the Bird Flageolet

  1. The Bird Fancyer's Delight published 1717 by Hill

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