Flageolet Sheet Music by Other Publishers

Whilst this website has the largest selection of flageolet-related music currently available, free-of-charge, a number of other publishers have published pieces for the flageolet in modern times. Although many of these works are edited for other instruments (usually the recorder), they are perfectly playable on the original instruments, if you can find a copy to buy or borrow.


24 Kleine Duos

These 24 short duets, by C. Eugéne Roy were republished by Girolamo Musikverlag, G 12.036, ISMN: 979-0-50084-060-2 in an edition for recorders by the German recorder player and musicologist Prof Ulrich Thieme. Despite the editing, the music is immediately playable on the French flageolet and benefits from being re-engraved rather than being published in facsimile.

Opera Melodies by Rossini (Duets)

A set of opera paraphrases by C. Eugéne Roy were republished by Girolamo Musikverlag, G 12.041, ISMN 979-0-50084-069-5. As with the 24 Kleine Duo the edition is marketed for recorder players but will be immediately playable on the French flageolet.

Récréations & Études

Whilst not a formal tutor, the Récréations & Études by Narcisse Bousquet, republished by Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag, FH 2805, ISMN: M-2034-2805-3, contains a number of graded pieces for unaccompanied French flageolet.

Bousquet Etudes and Grand Caprices

Moeck has republished Nacisse Bousquet’s 36 Etudes and 12 Grand Caprices. The former is in three volumns: EM 2115; EM 2116; and EM 2117, the latter is in one: EM 1134. The works are said to be for the alto (or treble) recorder although they could, easily, be played on the original instrument, assuming the performer is happy to read the flageolet part in its untransposed form. The editor for these works was Hugo Reyne, a recorder and oboe player, who also edited the Mèthode by C. Eugéne Roy, set out below.

The Bird Fancyer’s Delight

The Bird Fancyer’s Delight by Hill has been republished in a number of different editions. The most straight-forward edition is by Schott Music, ED10442, edited by the English musicologist Stanley Godman (1916-1966) and transcribed for the sopranino recorder. A selection were edited for two alto recorders by the German recorder player Carmen Radestock-Ehinger by Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag, FH 3501, ISBN: 9790203435013 which could easily be played on two flageolets or bird flageolets. There is also an edition by Dana & Karstens, published by E.C. Schirmer Publishing, EC 2074, for recorder and a keyboard instrument; and by Jeffrey Wilson, published by Brass Wind Publications, 3603, ISMN: 570275458 for wind quintet. I have little information about the former, whilst the latter is a interpretation of five pieces, including jazz elements.

Recueil des meilleurs contredanses arrangées pour le flageolet

This compilation, historically edited P.J. Chaxelle, is a set of 26 dances for solo flageolet, republished in facsimile form by FIMA in 1994. There is no ISBN. A modern introduction was written by Teresa Chirico, a musicologist who teaches at the S. Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. The works are named as being by Wolff, Joly and Rose. Chirico identifies Wolff as Christian Michael Wollf (1709-1789); the others are unknown. She dates the work as approximately 1790. It appears to be published in transposed form, with the lowest printed note being a D. The fascimilies are nicely printed on good quality paper although this work may now be hard to find.


Mèthode pour le Flageolet, sans Clef ou avec Clefs

This method, by C. Eugéne Roy, is a tutor for the French flageolet, published in facsimile form in 1988 by the Societe de Musicologie de Languedoc, ISBN: 2-905-400-26-9. Roy’s method is in French and consists of an introduction; fingering charts for the French flageolet with and without keys; 37 short exercises (arranged as exercises for intervals (e.g. seconds, thirds, fourths etc.); intervals; articulation; and keys) followed by 28 short, unaccompanied, pieces; and six duets. The music is written in the transposed style, with the instrument producing a D when all holes are covered. A modern introduction was written by Hugo Reyne (in French), a recorder and oboe player who directs the Simphonie du Marais amongst other interests. The work is beautifully presented, with marbled papers, although it is now quite difficult to find.

Czakan and Flageolet Tutors

Schule für Flageolet, Czakan by Ernesto Köhler, published by Musikverlag Zimmermann, ZM80052, ISMN: 979-0-010-80052-3, along with a fingering chart, Grifftabelle für Flageolet, Czakan, ZM90023, ISMN: 979-0-010-90023-0, is a tutor for the flageolet and csakan.

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