William Bainbridge’s Adverts

William Bainbridge advertised widely during his lifetime, in newspapers, magazines and books. Some of his adverts are transcribed below as an insight into what he felt were the most significant aspects of his inventions and who might buy one.

Double Flageolet

Two Musical Instruments Played By One Person.

Bainbridge, Flageolet-Maker, 35, Holborn-hill, near Fetter-lane, informs Ladies and Gentlemen that a Book is published, whereby any one that plays the Patent Flageolet may, by a contrivance, play Duetts on two, and make a second to some hundreds of tunes. As it has been insinuated by some that these Flageolets with Ivory Studs, sold at different Shops, are the Sum with his Patent ones, the Public may be assured they are not, but are on the same principle as the one be invented nearly six years since, which may easily be ascertained, as he entered a Gamut for playing it at Stationers’ Hall at that time; but finding from its cross–fingering it was difficult to play in tune, he has since obtained his Majesty’s Royal Letters Patent for a Flageolet, the fingering of which is regular like the German Flute, and which any person may instantly blow in tune; the tone, he presumes, the most uncultivated, ear will give the preference to. In respect to the Cistron introduced on the common Flageolet, Bainbridge perceiving it confined the tone so much when playing with other instruments that he did not adapt it, but he, has now improved on it, and by a simple contrivance the performers may use their pleasure, either to have a Cistron or not. Any Lady or Gentleman, even not knowing Notes, may teach themselves this Instrument by his Instruction–Book, as every tune is figured. He will engage any person shall be taught to play tunes in the first Lesson, at his Music-Shop as above.

Published in “Bell’s Monthly Compendium of Advertisements for January, 1807” pg. 66
A close-up photograph of Bainbridge’s maker’s mark on a double flageolet.

Double Flute Flageolet & Double Flageolet

Double Patent Flageolets.

W. Bainbridge, No. 35 Holborn Hill, late principal Oboe, Flute, and Flageolet Player at Astley’s Royal Theatre, and Sadler’s Wells, informs his Friends and the Public, he has again received his Majesty’s Royal Letters Patent for further improvements on the Flageolet. He has brought to perfection a Flageolet as large as a full sized German Flute, the tone of which has been approved by all who have heard it, it is called the Cromatic Albion Flute; it has by one simple contrivance the power to produce every half tone that can be played, and as easy as any other note, it requires not exertion to play it.

W. Bainbridge has the pleasure to inform the Public, the same easy plan is now added to his Octavo Flageolet. He likewise cautions the Public against a daring attempt to make them believe that others have made improvements on his first Patent, granted in 1805, but he challenges any one to produce one improvement in fingering or in tone, or any improvement. I wish the Public to examine those pretended new Flageolets, and compare them with his old improvements in 1802, and they will find that in this large Metropolis there are men that will say any thing to impose on the Public.

Published in “Bell’s Monthly Compendium of Advertisements for August, 1807” pg. 3

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