National Melodies Comprising Airs, Duets and Trios

Bond’s “National Melodies” is a two volume work for either violin, (English) flageolet or flute. It contains a wide variety of folk songs and tunes from around Europe, as well as some more popular early 19th Century works. For the English flageolet player, many of the pieces are extremely difficult, requiring mastery of all three octaves of the instrument. However, with persistence, most of the pieces can be satisfactorily realised and offer a rare change to show the player’s musical and technical skill.

This edition has been prepared from a copy in the editor’s collection which dates from around 1815. So far, the first volume, comprising 54 pieces, has been digitalised. It is possible to download the pieces individually below (in the PDF format) or, alternatively, to download the entire work.

  1. The Vittoria Waltz.
  2. Le Petit Tambour.
  3. Portant Pour La Syrie.
  4. Portant Pour La Syrie.
  5. Le Serment Francais.
  6. The National Waltz.
  7. Green Grow The Rushes O.
  8. Flowers of the Forest.
  9. Beware of Love.
  10. The Child’s Wish for May.
  11. Le Don Juan.
  12. Bugle Horn.
  13. L’Etè.
  14. The Violent Girl.
  15. Laura and Lenza.
  16. Ah Vous Dirai Je Maman.
  17. We’re A’Noddin.
  18. The Dandie O.
  19. La Bionina in Gondoletta.
  20. Scots Wha Hae Wi’ Wallace Bled.
  21. Auld Lang Syne.
  22. Temple of Friendship.
  23. The Soldier Tir’d of Wars Alarms.
  24. The Union Waltz.
  25. Di Tanti Palpiti.
  26. The Rout is Come.
  27. Au Clair de la Lune.
  28. Nora Creina.
  29. There’s Nae Luck About The House.
  30. Whilst With Village Maids I Stray.
  31. The Queen of Prussia’s Waltz.
  32. Downshrie Quick March.
  33. Ils Ne Sont Plus or The Waters of Elle.
  34. A Highland Lad my Love was Born.
  35. Planxty Kelly or Fly Not Yet.
  36. Lewie Gordon.
  37. Bateuse.
  38. Lady Hamilton’s Waltz.
  39. The Regent.
  40. Ye Banks and Braes.
  41. L’Espèrance.
  42. Le Garcon Volage.
  43. La Poule.
  44. The Red Red Rose.
  45. O Listen to the Voice of Love.
  46. C’est L’Amour, or Oh ’tis Love.
  47. O Pescator Dell’Onda.
  48. The Carnival of Venice.
  49. Todlin Hame.
  50. L’Amour Et Le Tems.
  51. Les Adieux.
  52. Le Vaillant Troubadour.
  53. Dupuis Longtems.
  54. The Woodlark.

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