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The Pleasant Companion-The Flageolet Site aims to be the most comprehensive guide to the flageolet family of musical instruments available on-line. It aims to provide information that will be of interest to a wide variety of readers, from the general reader who follows a link to the site, to the specialist who is looking for high-quality and reliable sources in order to aid his or her research. In addition, the site aims to promote flageolet-playing by making available modern tutors and fingering charts and by republishing out-of-print flageolet music. In order to encourage this, all information is licenced so that any non-commercial use can be carried out for free. Finally, the site aims to be accessible to readers, irrespective of disability or technology. To this end, it is published in line with current accessibility guidance, and, it is hoped, will be eventually available in a number of different sources and not just via the World-Wide-Web.

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